Royalton Place is located in one of the Pacific Northwest’s most charming and historic cities, Milwaukie, Oregon.
While much history surrounds this century-old metropolitan, its beginnings derive from the Clackamas Indians who first inhabited this region. Back then, the river ran wild, animals roamed free and fertile land lay ready to be utilized. Later, Milwaukie was settled by the Lewelling family in 1847 and pioneer-entrepreneur Lot Whitcomb in 1848 who named the town after the bustling city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Once the railroad came through town connecting Milwaukie with Lake Oswego, things really started to grow, bringing the once-fledgling town into the suburbs of Portland. 

Today, Portland’s inexpensive, quick and safe light-rail system connects Milwaukie with the entire metro area. This allows residents to explore the surrounding communities with ease, and invites families and tourists to visit Milwaukie and learn about some of its more famous innovations including the Bing cherry.