Choice, Dignity, Privacy, Independence
Circle of Services

The "Circle of Services" is a proactive partnership that places the resident at the center and speaks to every aspect of quality of life.

Independent Lifestyle

Peace of mind makes retirement enjoyable...

Our goal is to provide an environment that combines a gracious lifestyle with unparalleled hospitality. At Royalton Place, nothing is more important than the comfort and safety of our residents. Royalton Place has a friendly and warm atmosphere. This is largely because our residents are some of the nicest people you are likely to meet anywhere.

Personal Preferences

Our approach to independent living...

At Royalton Place we practice a "Personal Preferences" philosophy of service which allows residents to choose how to live each day in our community. Our assessments and service plans focus on residents' identified routines and preferences. We will work to customize our services to include preferences regarding dining, activities, housekeeping and personal time. Whenever and however possible, we will tailor services and activities to each individual resident.

Floor Plans

People Who Care... Caring for People™